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Welcome To Lousso Designs: An Introduction to Our Diverse Selection of Fabrics

At Lousso Designs it is our goal to offer high end upholstery at workroom prices and we have been striving to achieve this goal on a daily basis for the past 30+ years.

We appreciate customers that come to us full of ideas and visions and love turning those visions to a vibrant reality. Come checkout our showroom or come peruse our selection of fabrics. Some of the brands we carry include:


-Duralee Wovens

-Duralee Designer

-Duralee Pavilion

-Duralee Solids

-Duralee Linens

-Duralee Solid Linen

-Duralee All Purpose

-Duralee Faux Silk

-Duralee Chenilles

-Duralee Corduroy

-Duralee Contract

-Duralee Traditional

-Duralee Color

-Duralee Cut Velvets

-Duralee Velvets

-Duralee Vinyl

-Duralee Crypton

-Highland Court

Robert Allen

-Fine Chenilles


-Beacon Hill

... and many more

JF Fabrics

-Tannery Platinum


-Earth Elements




- Gleam













-Kravet Weaves

-Kravet Textures

-Kravet Multi

-Kravet Smart

-Kravet Velvets

-Kravet Vinyls

-Kravet Window

-Kravet Contract

-Kravet Textures

-Kravet Faux Leather

-Kravet Soileil

-Kravet Embroideries

-Kravet Guarenteed

-Kravet Couture

-Kravet Linens

-Kravet Leather

-Kravet Stripes

-Barbara Barry






Phillip Gorrivan II

Designer's Guild


-Villa Romo


Jane Churchill

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