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Upholstery Class

Come to Lousso Designs and learn the craft of fine upholstery from Kostas himself, working with your own furniture! Practice, stripping, creating webbing, tying springs, gluing frames, cutting fabric, upholstering seats and making cushions. Utilizing various tools of the trade (i.e. sewing machine, staple gun, foam cutters + more) learn how to work with different materials such as fabrics, springs, padding, down and much more. The class follows an open workshop format; Kostas gives individual guidance based on student needs. Students often stay for multiple semesters, enjoying the camaraderie of the shop and progressing to more ambitious projects over time.

Why you would want to consider upholstering...

Do you have a piece of furniture that’s been in your family that you want to modernize?  

Have you seen the perfect piece of furniture but its all worn out and needs work?

Do you have an heirloom piece you love that would be too expensive to have someone reupholster it for you.  How about doing it yourself?

 Imagine, if you reupholster your furniture  yourself, what a great feeling of accomplishment. When your friends and family give you fabulous compliments about the piece of furniture, you can astonish them and say, “I did it.”

Learn the proper way to reupholster and refurbish your furniture!

Bring that favorite piece of yours to class and lets get started!

BEGINNERS PLEASE NOTE: You will be most satisfied if you start small with a dining room chair, footstool or ottoman. An armchair or wing-back chair will take more than one semester to complete. Please limit projects to "one seat" upholstery projects (i.e. no love seats or sofas).

This very popular class fills up quickly. We process registrations on a first–come, first–served basis. You may reserve your spot with a deposit.

If classes are full and you would like to be added to our waiting list, please email us at

Scheduling: Classes run 8 weeks at a time and are held every Tuesday from 6pm - 8pm ($500 per semester)

Class Size


Age Range


Skill Level

All Levels



Required Materials

Bring to the first class:

  • Your piece of furniture. Beginners will learn to strip furniture in the first class session.

  • We will order a tack hammer and staple remover for you at a cost of $56.00. These will be yours to take home with you.

Please bring your own scissors, pliers, rubber mallet, tape measure and a home toolbox for your tools, if you have one.


  • ONLY ONE PIECE AT A TIME per student (since storage is limited students will be required to take pieces home after each class)

  • YOU MUST REMOVE YOUR FURNITURE at the end of class.

Additional Supplies

The following will be discussed in class:

  • webbing

  • burlap

  • muslin

  • 1” or 4” foam

  • cushion foam

  • cotton batting

  • cambric

  • Italian Ruby twine – 1 lb. spool

  • spring-tying twine

  • spring nails

  • fabric: 5/32” welt

Wood repair INCLUDED. This is an important part of refurbishing furniture that is often not covered elsewhere.

Please email us at to reserve your spot!

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